1. Wanted to highlight some of the other great podcasts that I enjoy besides #SPY & the other #Maxfun podcasts.  If you are not acquainted with any of these (most likely you are) they are definitely worth giving a shot.


  2. daveshumka:

    I made this supercut of music videos where a character just dissolves into thin air.

    (I also made a version with audio commentary by me. It’s real dumb.)

    Definitely check out the commentary version!

  3. Ep. 295 - Aaron Read, - 28:45 - How To Date My Teenage Daughter

  4. Ep. 286 - Abby Shumka, - 54:20 - The Rick Ross of law shows.

    Sometimes it seems like Dave & Graham’s minds are one and the same.

  5. Ep. 286 - Abby Shumka, - 31:43 - The dog water slide revolution will not be televised.

    This episode is a gem.  This is the first of two being highlighted this evening.

  6. Ep. 212 - Kevin Lee, - 7:52 - IndiaGoGo

  7. Ep. 211 - Charlie Demers, - 1:22:41 - You have what we call Greyhound Balls

  8. What Kind of dad will Dave be?

      In episode 314, after announcing they are having a baby, there is a discussion of what kind of dad Dave will be.  Will he be strict or the fun, cool dad he thinks he will be.  

      After listening to Stop Podcasting Yourself for all these years and listening to all of the warm and amusing ways Graham has introduced Dave in the podcast, I do not think any Bumper could not take away that Dave will be the greatest dad.

      Below is a list of all the ways in which Graham has introduced Dave to open the podcast.


    a very good friend

    a good buddy

    very hilarious

    one of the funniest guys ever…in this room

    hilarious and talented

    hilarious and wonderful

    dapper dressed and slightly stained

    very good friend and hilarious gentleman

    very funny and talented

    that guy who just turned off his cellphone

    that guy talking there

    hilarious co-host

    affable, wonderful and hair adjustable

    gifted and not just at podcasting, but at baking

    hilarious and plaid wearing

    hilariously talented and wonderfully technologically abled

    summery looking co-host

    fuckhead and kickshin galore

    very hilarious and wonderful

    the excellent and hilarious

    the excellent and pastel attired

    five time Edward R. Murrow Award winner

    Golden Globe Award winner

    a man that Casey Kasem called the new Terence Trent D’Arby

    the man that Car & Driver called the most reliable sedan of 1998

    the answer to the Sunday crossword in the Globe and Mail

    Cosmonaut and the first man ever to wage a successful lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret

    three time inter-continental heavyweight champion

    Daytime Emmy Award winner

    the man that Essence Magazine called their top bachelor of 2005

    third string enforcer for the Boston Bruins

    the man Daniel Craig said will be the next James Bond

    the only man Bear Grylls would have with him in the wild

    the man who was the basis for the biopic Dave

    the man that Picasso said  was a big influence on him in his Blue Period

    a man that dare not speak his name

    the man who wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    the man they call the Shaquille O’Neal of hip-hop

    a man that Red Bull said was too dangerous for their product

    the man that Spike Television called their Man of the Year 2006

    the man that Sting called the Fourth Policeman

    the man Time Magazine called one of the Top 25 Podcasters to watch in 2009

    the man they suspect might be the father of the new Beluga Whale

    the only man to run three consecutive races at the Hastings horse racing track 

    the man who put the “Dave” in Dave Coulier

    the man who put the man in I am Iron Man

    the man who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop, but didn’t put the bang in the rama lama bang dong

    the intrepid and fearless, the peerless and careerless

    the man on whom the character John Connor is based

    the man on whose time in the military the movie Good Morning Vietnam was based and its sequel Suburban Commando

    the man on whom the television show Bosom Buddies was based

    the man who will play Stan in the Eminem Musical debuting at the Vancouver Fringe Fest this year

    the man whose face you will see if you fold a ten dollar bill in a certain way

    a man who killed the bar when he was only three

    the man that they originally wanted for the lead role in The Wrestler

    the man whose name was the number two choice for Gordon Sumner when he was picking a nickname

    Cherry Blossom aficionado

    a man who I have promised I will play the Jurassic Park theme song on clarinet at his wedding

    the guy who lives in this house, in the middle of his street

    the man whose going to play Susan Boyle in the The Susan Boyle Story

    the man who plans on writing a musical based on the life of Judith Light

    a man who ain’t afraid to hold his girlfriend’s purse when she tries on clothes at the store

    a man who you might want with you if you are ever lost in the woods, because he always points North

    the one of the two of us who thought that Disaster Movie is hilarious

    the man who wrote the book Like A Lampshade In A Whorehouse

    the Blanche to my Dorothy

    the man who was the first guy ever to point out that Nick Nolte and Gary Busey look somewhat similar

    the man who you could stand up at the gates of Hell and he won’t back down

    a man who was back and forth all night on wearing a jacket, decided to go without

    the man on whom the Shumka Dancers are basing their next festival in honor of

    the sweatiest man in Podcasting

    the man who if he was a Will Smith film, would be the movie Hitch

    a man, who if he lived in the time of records, surely would have scored a Platinum

    the Bud Light Lime of Podcasting

    a man without a tan

    a man who is best taken as the prescription tells you to take it

    my co-host who I think is going to be next years Halloween costume sensation

    a man who is going to be more jacked up on Red Bull than any raver you are going to meet all week

    a man who if you ask anyone on the street, he is the King of Zombies

    the man who is a man in a new house, he is the man of a new house

    a man, who if he was a poster, would most definitely be a Lamborghini poster

    the man who is the quicker picker upper of Podcast hosts

    the King of Beers

    the man who inspired the song The Gambler

    the man they call Mr. Fury

    a man who doesn’t wear glasses all the time, but when he does, it doesn’t look like he is putting on airs

    the first person ever to sing Jingle Bells with the line “Batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker ran away”  

    the man they call the original Teen Wolf

    a man who is only one of two gentleman wearing a stripy rugby shirt in this room this evening

    a man who Cobra Commander used to consider a close personal friend until he defected

    the man who came up with the slightly less impressive I am with CoCo slogan, was the I am with CarCar slogan for Carson Daly

    the Nick Lachey to my Drew Lachey

    my co-host, someone I consider to be the Great One

    a man who I would not spend 100 episodes of anything with anyone besides this gentleman

    the person we call a real life Cruella De Vil

    a man who is trying out his sexy cold voice this week

    a man who owns the podium in everything he does

    Captain of Mystery

    a red wine drinking Connoisseur of life

    a man who has never suffered from the Oscar curse

    a man who is best enjoyed in 3D

    a man who killed the bar when he was only eight

    a man for whom tucking in his shirt is not just a matter of policy, but a religion

    the only man who I ever would trust the answer to the question “Fucking Magnets, how do they work?”

    a man for whom plaid is quite simply something that he should have tattooed on his upper body I see him in it so often

    the man who is based on the novel Push by Sapphire

    a man who is in Nibs and Twizzlers recovery

    the Enrico Palazzo of this podcast

    the man who is the fastest eater I have met in my entire life

    the man who is the Josh Brolin to my James Brolin

    the Jack White to my Meg White

    a gentleman who is getting all sorts of hot buzz on the internet for his appearance down in Los Angeles not but a week ago

    the gentleman who just made a million dollars selling Vuvuzelas during the World Cup

    the Tom Cruise to my Cameron Diaz, the Night to my Day

    a man so hot he will melt your popsicle

    a man who can’t be tamed, can’t be caged

    a man who, if you want to be his lover, you got to get with his friends

    a man who will always release the Kraken when told to

    the man whose life was the inspiration for the movie Charlie St. Cloud

    a man who always prays before he eats of loves

    a man who just made his cable television debut by getting a tattoo on LA Ink

    the man who puts the dog in the Dog Days of Summer

    the Barbecue Pit Masters of Podcasting

    a man who never forgets to honk whenever he drives by Vern Fonk

    the first kid ever to write hilarious lyrics to On Top of Old Smoky

    the Tobey Maquire to my Thomas Haden Church

    a man who is jaunty in a Pink shirt

    a man who is best seen live and his favorite live band is the band Live

    a man who tried his first veggie meat this very day

    a man who has always been bad to the bone

    the original Son of Anarchy

    a man who if you chant his name five times into a bathroom mirror he will appear holding a baby’s skull

    one of the titular characters from the television show Hellcats

    the only man who I would have a late night, sleepoveresk podcast with

    a man who is ready to Jingle All the Way

    a gentleman who looks good in a sweater, a button up shirt, or a jacket

    the only person I would be willing to be stuck with on a Predator planet

    the only man I know who lives underneath a sauna

    is ever festive and ever jolly

    a man who whips his hair back and forth

    my favorite Podcaster this side of anywhere

    a man who looks good in a rugby shirt, a whiskey shirt, and no shirt at all

    a man who wears more plaid than Al Borland

    a man, who in the last hour, was just on television talking about baby celebrities

    a man who always wanted to play in the Big Leagues

    a man who runs the most successful Scared Straight program in all of the country

    somebody who is super excited that it is our one year anniversary after the Olympics

    a man whose cover of the Fabreeze advertising jingle is to die for

    a man who is a year round plaid wearer

    a big fan of Tattoo, both the band and the character from the Ninja Turtles movie

    a man who hates those rotten kids upstairs

    the Karate Kid’s number one fan

    a man who can work tucked, who can work untucked, he can do it all

    a man who will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world

    a man who will wear a pink shirt even outside of Anti-Bullying Day

    a man who would make a pretty swell Cake Boss cake

    a man who looks like he is wearing an inside out shirt

    a man, not just any man, a man who has a plan, a man whose name is not Stan, a man not from Iran, but a man who always says I can

    a man who is beaming that his Vancouver Canucks just stomped all over the Predator’s faces

    a man who is thrilled to bits that we just stomped one of our opponents in the playoffs

    a man who leaves me little surprises to let me know he cares

    the Tuborg of Podcasting

    the Cake Boss to my Mauritzio

    the Randy Newman of the podcast scene

    a man who looks good in s stripy sock, both horizontal and vertical

    a man who has seen two more celebrities than I have seen on this trip to Los Angeles

    a man who is the most excited man on the planet that the McRib is back

    a chicken lily spider stomper

    a man who loving this rainy summer we have here in Vancouver

    the only man in this room not wearing a pair of shorts

    a man who will be doing his very last show with his maiden name Shumka

    the Hoda to my Kathy-Lee

    a man who always matches his socks one color to the other

    a who is very busted up about Will and Jada’s pending divorce

    the Sara Jewel to my Mujibar

    a man who was born to be a star

    a man who is devastated by the fact that Entourage is over

    a guy who gave up his career in training robots how to box to host this very podcast

    a man who I very seldom see at 11 o’clock in the morning

    a man who is trying his first ever Vodka Rocket (Smirnoff Rocket)

    a man wearing one, two, but just shy of three Chevrons on his shirt

    a man who beat the shit out of Shia LaBeouf when he was here in Vancouver  

    a man who is not doing even a little tiny thing for this Halloween

    a man who just remembered that today, our taping day, November 5th, Guy Fawkes day, more importantly that day that Doc Brown went back in time to the day he discovered time travel

    a man who could not be more excited about the new Black Eyed Peas video game

    the man who is the inspiration for the movie I love You Beth Cooper

    somebody who hopes you had a very GaGa happy Thanksgiving

    a man who is just overjoyed to see two old men fighting over the Grey Cup

    a man who ain’t afraid to wear a knit tie

    a man who is knee deep in holiday spirit

    a man they call the 12th Angry Bird

    a man who might be the world’s next great artist

    somebody known as Laurie Anderson’s number one fan (think they meant Loni Anderson???)

    the Han Solo to my Chewbacca

    the Michael Landon of Michael Knight of Knight Rider/Highway to Heaven

    a man who has got a whole bunch of fancy side buttons on his sweater, four by my count

    a man who doesn’t need a B12 shot or vitamin D shot or any kind of shot because he runs on all natural energy all the time

    a man, who is a great man, one of the greatest you are ever going to meet

    a man who has held many mashes, but never once a Monster Mash

    a man who I think just got a haircut, and I did not say anything about it before (wanted to save it for the podcast) nice haircut

    a man who is the Sebastian to my Belle

    a man who can’t believe it is already Super Tuesday

    a man who can not wait to talk about Cheetah Power Surge

    a man who expresses his love for the Hunger Games through a giant chest tattoo

    a guy who used to be a teenage dirtbag, but not anymore, he has grown up into an adult dirtman

    a man who was born very very close, suspiciously close, to John Lennon’s death day

    a man who could not be more thrilled that the sons of the Beatles are considering their own band

    a man who, sure he is bi-coastal, no you are not, you are uni-coastal

    a man who has eight simple rules for dating his daughter

    a man who just came back from a tropical isle, with almost not even a tan

    a guy who really loves May 4th, because he gets to say that thing, then tomorrow is Mayo de Cinco and then Ocho de Cinco is later on in the month, so it is his favorite month of all 

    a man who, I am sure like myself, is dreading the beginning of summer

    a man who believes you can’t hurry love, you just have to wait

    a man who is feeling a little bit cardigany

    a man who dresses for the job that he wants

    a man, who is like, a really great guy

    a man, who just two days ago, I saw him scoop up his dog and perform a triple axle in his living room apropos of nothing, and it was one of the greatest things I have ever seen

    a man who proposed this mathematical equation, just before we started the podcast, that he would rather two Adam Sandlers in a film than an Adam Sandler and Kevin James

    a man who did not believe that Kevin Nash is in the new movie Magic Mike, but was wrong

    the only person in the world who understands how much I hate summertime and how miserable today has been

    a man who is going for, and achieved, a good camp counselor look

    a man who who wished I did not call this the Jackee episode

    our resident expert on bugs and orgies

    a man who likes to lead the pre-show prayer 

    a man who is wearing the same shirt that is in our photo on iTunes

    the M. Bison to my Blanka

    a man who I just had my photo taken with out in a back alley somewhere

    a man who shared in our victory of becoming the first ever Best Podcast Award winner at the Canadian Comedy Awards

    the musical director and also talent scout

    the Willie to my Wonka

    the best pie maker I know

    the rappenest guy in the USA

    a man who looks good in plaid and good in a cotton sock

    a man who has got four buttons on his shirt, but not where you might suspect

    a man who believes in the power of brain foods

    a guy who I do not know his feelings about this fall rainy weather, but I am guessing he does not hate it

    a man who could not be more excited about the Lucas Film sale to Walt Disney

    a man who likes to rock n’ roll all night and party every day

    a man whose mustache is coming in very very well and he is wearing nice loafers and kind of a wintery like waffle shirt

    a man who just spilled some piping hot coffee on his lap

    a man who we just had a delightful Mexican dinner together

    a man who I think you are almost done with your November mustache

    a gentleman, who on the day of the recording of this podcast, is celebrating his birthday

    the happiest little caroler on Earth 

    a guy I like to call Baby New Year

    a man who is never afraid to step up and thrown down and bring it and stomp it and break it and serve it and learn it

    a man who, we are back down in the basement recording studio again

    a man who is enjoying this Saturday fog

    a man who can have whatever he likes

    a man who feels like he just got home

    the man they call The Queen of Mean

    the Pluto Nash/Bruno Mars of our podcast

    the Dr. Johnny Fever to my Venus Flytrap

    a man without whom we would not have been Vancouver’s Favorite Podcast

    Macklemore’s number one fan 

    a man with means, by no means, king of the road

    a man who lives by the credo “Women be shoppin!”

    a man who is just so excited for spring

    the Dinah Shore of podcasting

    a man who looks so fresh and so clean with his new haircut

    a man who is lying on the cold hard ground

    a man who I am just super glad is back from Sweden

    a man who doesn’t know about you, but he is feeling 22

    a man who has got a great big convoy trucking through night

    a man who is wearing Edmonton Eskimos or University of Alberta Bears socks, green and yellow, green and yellow, green and yellow

    a man who is sipping on a bourbon and lemonade

    a man who has clear eyes and a golden heart

    a man who I consider one of the extra Expendables

    a man who is fun for all ages

    the Pele of Podcasting

    Grillmaster Extraordinaire

    a man who Death can not catch

    a Bon-vivant

    the muy caliente 

    one of the Original Boys of Summer

    a guy who is always whistling Dixie

    the man who has my vote to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

    a man who is not even wearing socks today, he is barefoot and pregnant

    a real 90’s bitch

    a man who introduced me to the phrase “Hubba Hubba Ding Ding”

    my long lost buddy

    a man who believes this is the last hot podcast of the year

    a man who I know is very glad that fall is finally almost here

    a man who believes in blurred lines

    is a sight for sore eyes 

    a guy who came in like a wrecking ball

    a man who is just so excited about Halloween

    a man who co-wrote the song Boomerang to the tune of Barbara Ann

    a man who could not look more cardiganed out if he tried

    a man who when he drinks his coffee his glasses get all fogged up

    a man who is enjoying this crisp, almost wintry weather

    a man, oh what a man what a man what a mighty good man

    a man who is drinking something called Analog beer and when I look at it, it makes me think of my aunt Ann Logue 

    a guy who is brimming with holiday cheer

    is heading towards the new year, 1993

    a guy whose was formerly dubbed Baby New Year

    New Year’s Baby

    a man who is a fan of the Alberto V05 Hot Oil

    a man who doesn’t need a manicure, but he wouldn’t be above getting one

    a man who forgot his iPhone upstairs and it is just killing him

    a man who is chilly because it is cold, it is cold man

    a man who just dropped a dollop of yogurt on his dogs head

    a man who is very about excited about episode 311

    a man who is excited about the big snowflakes falling from the sky

    a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man

    a friendly neighborhood podcast man

    a man who is checking out a thing or two on his little phone

    a man, who like I had last week this mega cough, now also has a cough

    *Note - Introductions up until episode 315

  9. Ep. 314 - Abby Shumka, - 20:53 - Big News At Our House!

    Possibly the greatest highlight of them all!

  10. Ep. 208 - Bita Joudaki, - 19:11 - Dark Moon Rising

    Bita’s laugh is the greatest.

  11. daveshumka:

    Graham Clark is Clarky, music’s new prophet.

  12. Ep. 260 - Michelle Shaughnessy, - 1:30 - I’m blonde, I look good.

  13. Ep. 307 - Nicole Passmore, - 1:21 - Come over and see IT?

  14. Ep. 189 - Charlie Demers, - 6:40 - Snarky Mark

  15. Ep. 204 - Erica Sigurdson, - 40:30 - Alanis Horsette